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Structures Of Sand Making Machine

Jul 20, 2017

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Sand making machine produced by Henan Shibo mainly insists of hopper, impeller body, sub-feeder, whirl crushing chamber, main bearings, chassis and transmission, etc., here are some related major components.

Hopper and the feeder: the former is an inverted diamond table body composition, due to regular work, it is also required to set the appropriate wear and bad, which is processed into the original equipment must. The latter is disposed in the upper whirl crushing chamber, its role is the need to enter into a raw material hopper Centrifugal movement, which can be rotated while the impeller, due to the different mass and volume and the corresponding operation, which is also an important step in the choice of materials and the protection system of sand quality.

structures of sand making machine

Eddy crushing chamber: in fact this is the soul of sand making machine thing, because the machine which itself is hard to refine the materials or large work-related material. It is a cylindrical body constituted by an annular upper and lower ends space, through the impeller corresponding choice of materials in which high-speed rotation. When inside the material for the relevant instrument, will be conducted at this time since the operation of the circulatory system, in this process, you can reach sand making results.

Gear: the process is part of the pipeline because of the work, so you can work during the relevant processing, operations performed by a single belt drive motor or dual motor. Without additional torque, protect the force balance belt, so as to achieve better operational results. If there is no work conveyor, then the associated basic operation generates a series of problems as well.

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