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Tidfore Labor Day Concert

Jul 20, 2017

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On the evening of April 27, music and industry met at Tidfore’s Jiuhua Industrial Park complex, in a spectacular public symphony concert. An audience of 4,600, drawn from all levels of provincial, municipal, industrial and public life, were treated to performances from internationally acclaimed pianist Wu Muye, singers Jiang Dawei and Wang Chuanzhi, the Chinese Opera Theater Symphony Orchestra, and Tidfore Group workforce choirs. The event was hosted by famous presenters Zhou Tao and Wei Zhehao, with an address given by group CEO Tan Lang, celebrating the combined efforts of industry to create the environment we live in, while music brings passion and joy. A member of the audience was quoted as saying, “To watch the national symphony orchestra and the singers’ performances so close is wonderful, thank you to the Tidfore staff for preparing this holiday gift, and for the company's concern for employees!"

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